Join AmeriCorps!


AmeriCorps members are from every state in the US. We come from a variety of backgrounds. We have different interests, goals, and values. Members commit one year of service. They train with professionals to become volunteer coordinators, tutors, case managers, life coaches, trainers, and organizers. Members make a lasting pledge to “serve their community” and “to get things done.

As an AmeriCorps member, you can…

1. Teach and Tutor
2. Mentor youth
3. Build homes
4. Fight poverty
5. Conserve the environment
6. Provide health services
7. Respond to disasters
8. Mobilize volunteers
9. Assist veterans
And much more…


Full and part-time positions are available throughout the Austin area.  Full-time (FT) members are required to complete a minimum of 1,700 hours throughout their term of service.  Part-time (PT) members are required to complete a minimum of 900 hours.

AmeriCorps benefits include:
  • Living allowance (for 2012-2013, FT will receive $12,100* throughout term of service; PT will receive $6,230* throughout term of service)
  • Health care (if FT & applicable)
  • Child care (if applicable)
  • Training & professional development
  • Student loan deferment
  • Segal AmeriCorps Education Award that can be used to pay for college or pay back student loans (for 2012-2013, FT will receive $5,550* upon successful completion of service term; PT will receive *2,775 upon successful completion of service term)
  • Additional benefits vary by program (i.e. housing, travel, etc.)
  • *pre-tax amount


Interested in joining AmeriCorps?

  1. Visit to learn more
  2. Think about how and where you want to serve
  3. Talk to AmeriCorps members and alums by attending Austin AmeriCorps Awareness Week events!
  4. Find out what programs are recruiting. Learn more about the AmeriCorps programs available in Austin, TX!
  5. Apply by creating a My AmeriCorps profile!